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What We Offer



Both private and groups sessions are offered. 


The combination of ancient breathing techniques from India, and modern exercises, is what make these programs special. Science can now prove with data, on the positive alterations our body and mind can produce through proper breathing. We don’t only work with the body, but making it work together with the mind produces even better effects, bringing both the body and mind to a place where they deserve to be, in calmness and communion with our original self.

You Will Learn:

- First and absolutely necessary, how to calm down, relax and connect to your natural breath.

- Awareness on the connection between your breath, and your mental activity. The calmer you breathe, automatically the calmer your mind will be. Understanding that you can relax “on command”, at any situation, at any place.

- Understanding the sacred trilogy of mind, heart and breath. Your mind is the rider, and your body is the horse. How you breathe, is how you feel. How you feel, is how you breathe. You can reverse your emotional patterns by conscious breathing, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, also called “Rest and Digest System”.

- You will be able to enhance and to grow your respiratory system, as you can grow your muscles in the gym, you can enhance your lungs. The better lungs, better oxygenation, the more oxygen through your blood, more energy, better sleep, a better acceptance of yourself and therefore, the relationship with others. Expansion and stretch of the rib cage and dorsal spine is fundamental, allowing your body to breath smoothly and therefore, more efficiently.

- "Relax on Demand”. Few simple, but yet powerful breathing techniques to switch on your internal calm button, whether is to decrease stress or anxiety situation, or just to keep the internal balance.

- Getting familiar with the breathing muscle, the diaphragm. You will learn how to identify it and how to strengthen it, as the main pilar of your breathing mechanism.

- Breath Hold. Don’t worry, you won’t die, just the opposite. Increasing the tolerance on Co2 in your body produces “magical” and incredibly beneficial changes and in your organism. Co2 helps oxygen to pass into cells, it has the ability to structure water with a healthy dose of Co2 and electrolytes, the body becomes a living battery filled with electrical charge. Co2 generates brain cells protection and balance for the nerves, as well as anti-inflammatory effects or bone mineralization, among other amazing benefits. Co2 dilates blood vessels, as a result it reduces
your blood pressure inducing to a profound state of relaxation. 


The Benefits of Conscious Breathing

- Breathwork involves controlling one's breathing patterns to influence mental, emotional, and physical states. Less tension, less stress-related hormones in the blood. You have the power to balance your system, reduce stress (lack of internal balance), anxiety, and connect to yourself deeply.

- Regulation of the blood sugar. Significant reduction of asthma symptoms. Decrease the amount of emotions, and better quality of them. Better mood. You will improve your immune defence systems. Your nervous system will grow stronger, calmer, leading to better mental
control, confidence managing in harmony your state of mind. You will increase your ability to relax and to concentrate, influencing digestion, metabolism, and the production of happy hormones.


We provide exclusive courses of Pranayama. Prana means Life Force or Vital Energy, and Ayama means restrain or control, others will say expansion, as the Sanskrit language is so rich in definitions. Controlling the process of breathing consciously can lead to a number of benefits to the body and mind. Controlling the breath, up to the point that you turn every breath into immense energies generating balance and vitality within your body and mind. Pranayama can help you reverse the symptoms by means of deep breathing. The nervous system is activated when you breathe slowly, deeply and helps you slow down the heart rate, thus generating an instant calming effect. Diffusing emotional energy is another benefit of Pranayama. Highly recommended due to it's powerful benefits.



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