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- This is not about me, but about the breath work itself and participants great work to open up and surrender to the Power of the Breath -

Karla M.  1- July -2021

It's by far the best alternative to improve health, consciousness, wellbeing, mindfulness and be more happy and present.

I was taking pills for a year or so, an antidepressant and other stuff. So I began to have a high level of heart pulses, after one month of sessions I quit the pills, my heart rate is stabilized and I have more enthusiasm and energy. I’m under no other treatment and I’m feeling great.

What’s the only thing that is keeping us alive? And the only thing that we took for granted. Super recommended!!!

Nicoletta Spinelli.  12- April -2021

One of the best breath sessions of my life. Thank you so much Carlos , for sharing your light and love ! Definitely recommend it for everyone 

Adam L.  27- Oct -2020


Carlos has been amazing and super helpful to me - thank you Carlos!

I first contacted Carlos about my Asthma after reading about how breathing impacts overall health. In a Covid world I thought this would help. Carlos opened up a whole new world and guided me about breath work. This really helped to keep me more focused and balanced and significantly improved my breathing and I was able to lower my inhaler dose after a few weeks. One particular exercise called Rebirthing was just something I had never experienced before. More powerful than meditation or hypnotherapy, and great to relax.

Zuzanne I.  15- June -2020

Absolutely amazing! Carlos’s calming voice and the breathing exercise help me disconnect from the outside world and slow down my busy mind. I always feel an instant benefit of the exercise after the class, I feel happy, my mind is sharper and my sleep has also improved.
He has taught me how to use my breath, the thing we take for granted, to its full potential and it’s been life changing for me. 

 Nicole H.   May 15th 2020

This is my third class with Carlos. He is a great instructor! Try this class whether you want to be conscious, calm or just improve your body's breathing patterns. Today I had a migraine and did not want to attend but Carlos told me that the practise would help with the pain, and I fell much better after the class. Thanks Carlos!


Great experience as always with Carlos. Good to build focus and fell relaxed and recharged to begin the day.

                                   Raghav F.   May 14th 2020

                                 Citira Marion.  May 13th 2020

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Specially on these times. A Powerful experience for me. I'm still processing. Carlos is an amazing soul an incredibly gifted guide. How he was able to create a space of such safety and presence and connection through the screen absolutely awed me.

                                     Sara V.   May 14th 2020

 I can't say enough good things about Carlos and his class. I've struggled to find a meditation practice that resonates and that really enables me to release and let go my day. I'm so grateful that the circuit breaker and my pregnancy led me to discover Carlos' class; recommend to anyone that's looking for a way to release stress through a very simple and focused routine. If you start, at least give 2 classes before coming to any conclusion. Guaranteed you'll see a difference.

Zie L. 13th 2020

Always feel super relaxed after the class. Highly recommended.

Jeremy L.   Mar 31st 2020

I would like to personally thank Carlos for providing me a wonderful training experience. Since young, i have had asthma and sinus which still pose several issues with every single day. These issues affected my day-to-day performance at work (often calling in sick) and my emotional well-being (and indirectly affects my mood). After undergoing some sessions with Carlos, I not only have learnt new breathing techniques and also made some positive changes to my lifestyle (meditation every day). I am able to breath better and feel more energetic. My health has dramatically improved with less incidence of coughing and reduced sinus problems. I have never feel more alive and is able to enjoy and appreciate my life every single day. I am also a lot calmer and presence to my life. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Carlos and his teachings.

Arulsagayam.  Jan 13th 2020

"I have been attending Conscious Breathing classes offered by Carlos de la Rúa. I have noticed that my energy levels have improved and I sleep better since I started taking the classes . Will definitely continue taking Carlos's classes, a very patient and dedicated teacher."

"Most of us take breathing for granted until we discover that proper breathing is the key to optimising our mental, physical and spiritual health. I didn't know this until X-hale taught me the art of conscious breathing. The effects were immediate and for the first time after trying I could actually feel the good hormones affecting my mood and well-being. l cannot recommend this enough to anyone and everyone! And especially to those who find it hard to relax or facing anxiety or depression."

Nora Noor.  August 29th 2019