- This is not about me, but about the breath work itself -

Arulsagayam, 13-Jan-2020

"I have been attending Conscious Breathing classes offered by Carlos de la RΓΊa. I have noticed that my energy levels have improved and I sleep better since I started taking the classes . Will definitely continue taking Carlos's classes, a very patient and dedicated teacher."

Alex Loh, 18-Jan-2020

"Carlos is great. I've attended a session, you should definitely try it."

Chenyuan, 04-Nov-2019


Dear teacher Carlos, this morning on my way to yoga, and during hot yoga session, at many moments I recall your reminders to me: “ breathe with tummy, not chest “ “ breathe in gradually, not suddenly”, “deep breaths, not with chest “ .....

With these reminders, each time I was able to bring my mind back to focus, and feel my body like never before. The right breathing technique quickly connect my mind & body, and reduce distractions. I was very very content to stay connected and then I realised I was actually smiling naturally .😌

Thank you to encourage me, at the beginning I need to put lots of effort in trying to breathe correctly, now it’s getting easier and easier, I am on the path to move myself  from wrong way to right way.

I want to say: thank you πŸ™ thank you πŸ™ thank you πŸ™

Nora Noor, 29- August- 2019

"Most of us take breathing for granted until we discover that proper breathing is the key to optimising our mental, physical and spiritual health. I didn't know this until X-hale taught me the art of conscious breathing. The effects were immediate and for the first time after trying I could actually feel the good hormones affecting my mood and well-being. l cannot recommend this enough to anyone and everyone! And especially to those who find it hard to relax or facing anxiety or depression."